Our cow brushes not only provide your cows with brushing and grooming. They also reduce the risk of skin diseases and increase blood circulation in the skin. Cows' access to cow brushes provides more welfare and peace in the barn, which contributes to increased milk production.

Made by specialists

KVIA's brushes are made by experts working closely with farmers to create the best quality cow brushes possible. The curiosity and desire to develop never stops. We work every day to develop brushes that create more animal welfare. 

50% less power consumption and 100% durable

Cow brushes can be an expensive pleasure. Especially if you haven't thought about power and wear and tear. 

The brushes run approx. 12 hours per day on average. That's 4380 hours a year. Our brushes use 50% less energy in comparison to other brushes on the market. In addition, our brushes use a helical gear which means that the motor and gear will last much longer and avoid overheating no matter how many hours they are used. 

Our focus is on Animal Welfare

According to Danish law, every Danish farmer has to have one rotating cow brush for every 50-dairy cow. Access to cow brushes enable your cows to groom themselves which helps reduce stress. Grooming also helps increase blood circulation and reduces risks of skin disease and -conditions. All in all, cow brushes add to the welfare of your cows and help create the best possible conditions for good milk production.

At KVIA, you get professional advice so that the brushes are adapted specifically to your cows' needs. 

Come and visit our exhibition

Can't decide or have questions about the product, installation or price? Don't worry. 

At KVIA, we offer professional advice on high quality cow brushes. If you have any doubt regarding which cow brush to choose or questions about the brushes or how or where to put them up, do not hesitate to contact us. We are always ready to assist you and answer every question, you might have and guide you through the different brushes and the advantages and disadvantages of the location of the brushes. 

Get professional advice so your cows get quality adapted to their needs.
Did you know that cow brushes strengthens the well-being of your cows
and increase their milk production significantly?