Access to grooming all year round

Parasites and dung can worsen your cows' well-being and reduce milk production. Learn how the brushes treat the cow's skin and protect against coat diseases. 

It is not a coincidence. Research shows that the cow brush significantly improves the quality of life of cows. The friction of the brushes increases blood circulation in the skin and helps your cow avoid parasites and lameness.

Grooming keeps the skin clean of dirt and parasites.

The bodily effects of the cow brushes are so noticeable that your cow produces more milk when she has access to cow brushes. The cow brush is an important tool in the fight for better animal welfare and we are constantly working to develop the safest and best cow brushes for your cows. 

Invest in KVIA cow brushes if you want cow brushes that will last. Our cow brushes are manufactured in accordance with sustainable principles. All KVIA cow brushes are made of stainless steel and feature an energy-saving motor and a helical gear, which drives the brush with an impressive 98% efficiency. In addition, all brushes have a unique, energy-saving control system.

Did you know that cows' well-being increases when they have access to rotating brushes and that this has a positive impact on milk yield?

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