From car wash to cowshed

We've been making brushes since 1981. They just haven't always been for cows.

KVIA is a family-run company. We started producing stainless steel truck and bus washing systems in Copenhagen and have since moved production to Vejle. In 2014, at the request of agricultural companies, we started the development of a new type of cow brush. We were given three criteria as a basis for the development:

  1. The brush must not fall down
  2. No circuit boards that can break
  3. No cables that can break

With the help of a couple of skilled farmers who suggested, among other things, that the brush should hang from a cardan joint so as not to fall down and to ensure its free movement, our first cow brush Karoline was developed, almost as it is today. Later, Molly, Otto and Mammut were added.

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