The super all-round cow brush for cows and heifers

Nora is suitable for all cows, large and small. The cow brush can rotate when the cow or heifer pushes the brush. Nora is a great asset in the barn, providing activity to the cows and keeping them clean. The brush hangs from a gimbal which allows free movement and can be used by several cows at the same time. Nora is one of the few cow brushes that can service several cows at the same time.

Developed with focus on quality and durability

Nora is suitable for all dairy cows and heifers and is produced in accordance with Danish legislation for rotating brushes for dairy cows. The Nora brush rotates when cows and heifers use the brush by pushing it and is designed and developed with quality and sustainability in mind. The brush shaft and structure are produced with components that guarantee a long-lasting brush with low maintenance. Nora is produced in stainless steel, and it is connected to a strong universal joint. The Nora has no motor and does not require any power connection. The Nora brush can be applied and used by dairy cows, heifers, horses, goats and sheep. The brush has a stimulating effect on many farm animals and guarantees top animal welfare.


  • Stainless steel construction
  • No energy consumption
  • The universal joint facilitates free movement
  • Maintenance-friendly
  • The brush rotates when the cow or heifer pushes or goes under it
  • Extended warranty period of two years on the technical parts of the brush
  • Quick and easy brush replacement

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